McDonald Slams Budget Con-Trick

Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East’s new Member of  Parliament Stuart McDonald has slammed the UK Government’s budget announcement as an attack on “the working and the vulnerable”.

The local MP has called the announcement last week of a National Minimum Wage by the Chancellor George Osborne a “a con trick”.

Giving his reaction Mr McDonald said:

“This budget represents an attack on the working and the vulnerable. Too many people are struggling to get by as it is and this budget will only make that so much harder for many of them.

“George Osborne is planning a so-called living wage of £7.20 which is well below the recognised current living wage of £7.85 and £9.15 in London. By excluding under 25s the UK Government is failing to provide a living wage to those bearing the brunt of other welfare cuts. Ultimately this will result in a slower growth in wages.

“On top of this, the cuts to Child Tax Credits and housing benefits will leave most families worse off. Even in cases where individual wages are to slightly increase many will see their overall household budget cut thanks to these other measures.

“While the SNP supports the introduction of a real Living Wage what the Tories are putting forward is little more than a con-trick.

“Along with my colleagues at Westminister, I will use the budget process to argue against the Chancellor’s actions and for greater support for struggling families and public sector workers.”