MP Supports National Fitness Day 2015

I’m supporting National Fitness day by wearing a fitness tracking devices in the lead up to 9th September to highlight the benefits of regular physical activity.

I’ve opted to wear a Myzone MZ-3 heart-rate monitor belt, provided by leading not-for-profit health body UKactive, to monitor my own fitness levels.

I’m taking part in UKactive’s Move For Your Seat campaign, which is encouraging MPs to take some simple steps toward making their working days more active. The Move For Your Seat campaign is part of UKactive’s National Fitness Day – a day dedicated to highlighting the health benefits of regular physical activity and getting as many members of the public active as possible.

Previous studies have shown that many individuals do not currently meet the recommended levels of physical activity – despite inactivity being labelled ‘as dangerous as smoking’ and contributing to one in six deaths in the UK every year.

This comes in advance of the Cumbernauld 10k which I will be taking part in later this month.

Although many of us take our own health very seriously, with many of our lives getting busier it’s becoming more difficult to stay as physically active as we need to be.

Keeping track of my steps every day is great motivation to get up and away from the desk and spend more time being active.

Small measures like trying to remember not to remain seated for extended periods all add up.

Spending the working day as active as possible helps people live longer, healthier and happier lives, and taking part in National Fitness Day is a great way to promote that message.