Opposing Trade Union Bill

Yesterday evening the Westminster Parliament voted 305 v 271 to pass the draconian and undemocratic Trade Union Bill. MPs had been extensively and persuasively lobbied by trade union members and civil liberties organisations. But the UK government simply ignored the arguments about how the bill would undermine worker’s rights and freedom of expression.

At the same time, however, the Scottish Parliament voted 104 v 14 for a motion which “opposes and condemns the Trade Union Bill as proposed by the UK Government; believes that it restricts the fundamental rights of workers to organise, bargain collectively and, if necessary, withdraw their labour; further believes that it will both undermine the effective engagement of trade unions across Scottish workplaces and, in particular, across the Scottish public sector, and believes that free and healthy trade unions are an important element of a modern democracy”.

Work is underway to see how we can best protect working people and trade unions in Scotland from this oppresive new law.