McDonald Slams Tax Office Closure Plans in Westminster

Member of Parliament for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East Stuart McDonald has called on the UK Government to urgently rethink proposals that would see the Cumbernauld Tax Office close.  

 During yesterday’s (Tuesday 24th November) Opposition Day Debate on proposals which would see 137 local HMRC office close throughout the UK, the local MP slammed these proposals and the manner in which they have been taken forward.

Mr McDonald’s contribution to the debate included a number of points that had been raised with him by representatives of the Tax Office’s workers, who he met with shortly after the initial announcement.

The SNP’s motion condemns the proposed closure and calling on the UK Government to halt it was supported by 154 votes to 301.

Mr McDonald added that it was “astonishing” that the Government did not believe such a serious announcement did not merit a ministerial statement.

As part of his efforts to secure make sure these plans are not pushed through without any debate Mr McDonald has also written to the Chair of the Treasury Committee, arguing that the committee should be given the chance to scrutinise these plans and demand answers from HMRC bosses.

Commenting on the debate Mr McDonald said:

“These plans are ill conceived and the manner in which they have been taken forward has caused stress and uncertainty to the staff which could well have been avoided.

 “I was glad to finally have the chance to highlight these issues in the Commons and to put the questions the workers are asking to the UK Government.

 “While this is clearly a huge local issue, these proposed closures are so wide reaching that communities throughout the UK will be effected by them. This was proved by the number of MPs who wanted to contribute to this debate. This debate would not have happened were it not for the SNP.

 “It is disappointing that Labour failed to put their support fully behind the motion however. It is vital that all of those opposed to these measures work together to oppose them.”