Local SNP representatives in Fight for Closure of Cumbernauld Tax Office

Constituency MP Stuart McDonald and local MSP Jamie Hepburn have condemned the announcement by HMRC that a new round of compulsory job cuts will be made.

It has been revealed that the Chief Executive of HMRC Lin Homer has authorised some 152 compulsory redundancies, notice for which is expected to be given to the affected staff in the coming weeks.

This course of action has raised serious concerns in the light of the decision, announced at the end of last year to close Cumbernauld tax office and relocate jobs to a new “West of Scotland Campus” in Glasgow.

Stuart McDonald MP for Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch East had called on Westminster to undertake an immediate inquiry into the proposals and on the impact that it would have on the local community. The Chairman of the Treasury Committee has however rejected Mr McDonald’s calls.

Undeterred, the local MP has now tabled two questions with the Treasury, the first seeking clarification as to the locations affected by the compulsory redundancies and the second calling on them to confirm that there will be no compulsory redundancy notices issued to staff based at HMRC Cumbernauld office over the coming 12 months.

Commenting on the matter Mr McDonald said:

I am clearly disappointed that the Chairman of the Treasury Committee feels that the proposed closure of the Cumbernauld Tax Office and the serious impact it would have on the local area does not merit an inquiry. I have now tabled two questions on this matter, with specific reference to the newly announced compulsory redundancies and I will continue to fight against these changes in Westminster.”

Mr Hepburn MSP said:

“This is extremely disappointing and concerning news. Compulsory redundancies should always be avoided and HMRC should be cooperating and working with the workforce to find solutions which do not require compulsory redundancies.

“I know from a number of meetings I have held with staff and trade union representatives that there is a great deal of concern that their views and concerns are not being listened to and that HMRC management will force through its own plans regardless of the views of the local workforce.

 “This announcement will only serve to confirm that those concerns are well founded.”