I have secured written confirmation from the UK Government that HMRC have no plans to issue compulsory redundancies to staff based at the Cumbernauld Tax Office within the next year.

After it was recently revealed that the Chief Executive of HMRC had authorised some 152 compulsory redundancies, I lodged a written question in the House of Commons to seek assurances for staff at our local Cumbernauld office.

I have now received a response from the UK Government’s Financial Secretary to the Treasury, David Gauke MP, which is welcome clarification and means that at least for the next 12 months the threat of compulsory redundancies at the Cumbernauld tax office appears to be off the table.

It is disappointing in the extreme that HMRC have chosen to go down the route of compulsory redundancies at all, and their plans to radically cut HMRC’s workforce and close over 100 offices are absolutely crazy.

I will continue to hold the UK Government to account for their commitment on jobs at the Cumbernauld tax office, and to continue to fight against its closure.

I have also asked the chairman of the House of Commons Treasury Committee to undertake an inquiry into HMRC office closure plans. The response from Andrew Tyrie MP did not rule out such an inquiry in its entirety, but made such a move appear unlikely for now.

It’s disappointing that the Treasury committee wasn’t prepared to get involved at this stage. There are so many questions that need to be asked about the rationale behind these proposals. However, my colleagues and I will continue to push for full scrutiny of the proposals at every opportunity.