McDonald Enjoys Chemistry event

Cumbernauld, Kilsyth and Kirkintilloch MP Stuart McDonald attended an event in Parliament earlier this week with the Royal Society of Chemistry to mark their 176th anniversary.

The Royal Society of Chemistry is a non-profit organisation which attempts to make science available to everyone. One of the key aims of the society is to keep science interesting and enjoyable to ensure children are inspired to engage in science, specifically chemistry and chemical science.

During the event Mr McDonald got to participate in some experiments where he was involved in making controlled fire.

McDonald commented:

“The work of the Royal Society of Chemistry is to be praised. I am sure they will be successful in gaining support to help keep sciences active on the curriculum for schools.

“I certainly wish I had engaged more in science when at school. Participating in experiments like this definitely creates interest in the subject and is a creative way of showing children and adults that science is both very interesting and enjoyable.

“The Scottish Government also has invested a number of resources and measures to promote and support science teaching, including Tigtag, Generation Science, Young Engineers and Science Clubs. The more we can do to ensure children are able to engage in science the better.”