Today I’m heading off with 3 fellow SNP MPs and a superb team of campaigners, academics and health workers to see first hand the effects of the European humanitarian crisis on our doorstep – little over 25 miles from UK shores. Over four days we will meet with Doctors Without Borders and other groups whose expertise is essential in keeping a semblance of humanity about the place. We’ll witness the inspiring work of volunteers from all over Europe who find this disaster outrageous. And we’ll look also at the impact on local people, and the response of their political leaders.

The UNHCR will be hosting a high-level international conference in Geneva on 30th March, calling on governments for a major increase in resettlement places and other legal pathways for admission of Syrians. The UK led, and many countries stepped up to the plate at the recent donor conference. But as UNHCR recently said “financial solidarity is not enough”. Only by providing safe legal routes can we properly tackle disasters like Calais.