Stuart McDonald MP Welcomes Independence Referendum Announcement

Stuart McDonald MP has added his support for a second referendum on Scottish independence.

This comes after the First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, announced that she would seek the approval of the Scottish Parliament to open discussions with the UK government on the details of a section 30 order – the procedure that will enable the Scottish Parliament to legislate for an independence referendum.

The First Minister made it clear that the Scottish people should be able to decide the future of the country after the ‘material change of circumstances brought about by the Brexit vote’.

The First Minister stated:

“What Scotland deserves, in the light of the material change of circumstances brought about by the Brexit vote, is the chance to decide our future in a fair, free and democratic way – and at a time when we are equipped with the facts we need.”

“We know that Brexit has made change inevitable. The option of ‘no change’ is no longer available. However, we can still decide the nature of change. Having Scotland’s referendum – at a time when the terms of Brexit are known – will give the Scottish people a choice about the kind of change we want.”

Commenting Stuart McDonald MP said:

“The SNP manifesto made it absolutely clear that the Scottish Parliament should have the right to hold another referendum if there was a significant change the in circumstances from the referendum in 2014, such as Scotland being dragged out of Europe against the wishes of the Scottish people.

“The Scottish Government set out a compromise in November last year, that would see Scotland leave the EU but stay in the Single Market, however, in their dogmatic approach to Brexit the UK Government have refused to consider this significant compromise.

“A hard tory Brexit will be disastrous for Scotland and the Scottish Government have been left with little option but to hold a second referendum on independence.

“I believe it’s right that the Scottish people should be able to choose what kind of future they want for this country.”

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