Jamie Hepburn MSP and I have responded to North Lanarkshire Council’s Local Development Plan by urging the council to include Cumbernauld and Kilsyth town centres as ‘regeneration sites’. This would benefit residents, attract more businesses to the area and create job opportunities for local people.

Our submission was informed by our regular communications with our constituents and highlighted the need for more affordable housing, better public transport links and the regeneration of Cumbernauld Town Centre and Kilsyth Main Street.

While we welcome the measures included in North Lanarkshire council’s plan for Cumbernauld and Kilsyth our submission also made it clear that more housing, particularly affordable housing, must be targeted strategically in the areas which need it most and have the amenities and services to support it.

We have expressed concerns about the proposals to build more houses in Banton and on the land next to the Village Primary School in Cumbernauld because we are not convinced that the existing services and infrastructure could accommodate the increased demand that would come with a boost in population.

I hope that North Lanarkshire Council will think carefully about this proposal and assess the full impact of the proposed housing development before reaching a decision on how to use this land

You can read more about our submission by following the link below.



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