PEF School Funding Decision

I’m delighted to learn that North Lanarkshire Council have scrapped their plans to divert millions of funds with of Scottish Government funding away from deprived schools in the local area.

The Pupil Equity Fund (PEF) was created by the Scottish Government to help close the attainment gap and place funding in the hands of head teachers – who are best placed to decide where extra resources are needed to raise educational attainment.

Over £1.56 million in funding has been allocated to schools in the Cumbernauld and Kilsyth area and Scottish Government guidelines state that this funding should go directly to schools in addition to other funding.

However, Labour run North Lanarkshire Council contacted head teachers to demand that £1.3 million in funding was handed over to NLC to pay for existing classroom assistants and an administrative team at local authority headquarters  – violating the Scottish Government’s guidelines.

Myself and local MSP, Jamie Hepburn, both contacted North Lanarkshire Council’s Chief Executive to raise concerns regarding these proposals and urged the council to reconsider. I’m glad that they have decided to abandon these proposals and that head teachers will now have full discretion over the allocation of PEF funding.


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