Kirkintilloch Shared Space Survey

Thank you to everyone who has responded to my online survey about the shared space in Kirkintilloch, and specific proposals by the SNP Council Group in East Dunbartonshire to have the traffic lights returned to the Catherine Street junction.

I compiled all of the responses I had received a couple of hours before last night’s meeting and sent a report based on your feedback to the SNP Council Group.

So far, over 90% of respondents support the reinstatement of the traffic lights, and over 95% support a full audit of the Cowgate project.

While the SNP Group had proposed immediate and urgent action and work to start on reinstating the lights while contractors were still on site, the position of other political parties meant a compromise amendment was necessary. This is frustrating, but at least offers some degree of progress. The Council voted for further public consultation on the matter. So a report will return to the Council for further discussion by September – followed by consultation.

At least we now have a window of opportunity to tell Councillors belonging to those parties on East Dunbartonshire Council who still haven’t got the message what the public view of the shared space scheme is, and of need to reinstate traffic lights.

I will keep this online survey open, and encourage people to respond and share. I will compile all responses and feed those directly into the process to ensure your voice is heard. Please also contact your local Councillors directly with your views.…/1FAIpQLSeX3yrVI9nY7Vats…/viewform…

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