It is an understatement to say I was massively disappointed at the letter I received from North Lanarkshire Council today, regarding a request for the Council to undertake an impact assessment of the UK Government’s planned closure of Cumbernauld HMRC.

More than 5 months after Jamie Hepburn MSP and I first wrote to NLC – asking for an impact assessment to help fight the UK Government’s plans – we FINALLY have a reply, after publishing an open letter to the Council last week.

And it is incredibly frustrating. As you can see, NLC are for now refusing to undertake an impact assessment, and seem almost to have given up the fight to keep the office open – looking instead at what to do with the site once HMRC have left Cumbernauld. This is just not good enough. They need to get their finger out and start putting up a fight for our communities.

So we will be writing back to the Council to tell them just that.

And local Labour and Tory politicians who also want to see jobs kept in Cumbernauld, must also try to make their administration see sense.

It must not be the case that the Council just sits back and lets a major employer walk away from the area, without putting up a fight for these jobs. The closure of Cumbernauld HMRC will have a massive impact on the workforce and potentially devastating impact on Cumbernauld. This is simply not good enough.

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