Yesterday, I wrote to all fifteen Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Councillors of all parties and asked them to support proposals for North Lanarkshire Council to carry out an impact assessment in relation to the proposed closure of Cumbernauld HMRC.

Back in March 2017, Jamie Hepburn MSP and I suggested that an impact assessment could play an important part in the campaign to keep the office open. This was something West Lothian Council had undertaken to support the campaign to save HMRC offices there and these proposals had the support of politicians from all parties in the West Lothian area.

We simply asked the council to carry out a similar assessment, believing that North Lanarkshire Council would want to do everything in their power to stop the closure of one of the area’s largest employers. However, months after we sent our original letter we were met with a very short, sharp rejection of that suggestion.

While we are aware that the responsibility for this decision lies with the Tory led UK Government, we are deeply concerned that North Lanarkshire Council appear to have given up the fight to keep the site open and that’s why we have contacted them again to ask that they reconsider this decision.

I am hopeful that local councillors of all parties will support these proposals and do everything in their power to help deliver a more positive response from North Lanarkshire Council.

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