Dogs Trust Community Event

Thanks again to everyone who popped by the Dogs Trust community event last week!

It was great to have so many people along and given the high level of interest for this event in the community – I’m already looking forward to hosting a similar event with Dogs Trust in the future.

Overall, the Dogs Trust team were full of praise for local pet owners and it’s safe to say they left very impressed by the health and well-being of the dogs who visited. They have also produced a detailed summary from the day with some really positives statistics – more details below:

• Out of the 57 dogs that attended the event in Cumbernauld, 53 (93%) were believed to be in good health and did not require a visit to their vet.

• 41 dogs (71%) were considered to be of an ideal weight, whilst 16 (28%) were considered to be overweight.

• In total, 22 different dog breeds attended the event in Cumbernauld. Crossbreeds were the most commonly seen breed on the day, accounting for 26% of dogs present.
Staffordshire Bull Terriers and Lhasa Apso’s came joint second, both accounting for 9% of dogs seen and were closely followed by Shih Tzu’s and West Highland Terriers, who each accounted for 7% of dog breeds seen.

• The Dogs Trust team met a total of 57 dogs and their owners. Despite the law change in April 2016, which saw microchipping become compulsory, microchipping was the most popular service on the day with 34 dogs (60%) being microchipped. Health checks also proved popular, with 20 dogs (35%) receiving a health check.

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