Thanks to North Lanarkshire SNP group for getting this important but what should have been utterly uncontroversial motion passed last night – despite totally incomprehensible Labour opposition:

“North Lanarkshire Council agrees that its planned impact assessment on any loss of HMRC in Cumbernauld will be as equally rigorous and far-reaching as that carried out by West Lothian Council in the threatened closure of HMRC in West Lothian. Matters covered in North Lanarkshire’s impact assessment should include such aspects as the total loss of salaries in the Cumbernauld area,the impact of this on local businesses and services,the impact of longer commutes to proposed Glasgow and Edinburgh HMRC hubs and other relevant matters.

“The Council might consider entering into dialogue with Public and Commercial Services Union representatives”

As folk will know, this follows from a very simple request Jamie Hepburn MSP and I made to the council months ago. Having been ignored and then refused we made a call for cross-party support (to all 3 parties represented in Cumbernauld) for this idea.

Yesterday I wrote to every MP – regardless of party – who has an affected HMRC office in their constituency seeking support for another debate on this issue. For the sake of HMRC employees I hope – and expect – a faster and more positive response than we received from NLC.

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