The 33-strong SNP Group on North Lanarkshire Council has successfully sought a Special Meeting of the Full Council to deal with the crisis caused over the launch of new bin-uplift measures – which have been rushed out without proper consultation and planning.

The meeting is scheduled for this Friday, 3rd November, at 10am in the Motherwell Civic Centre.

At the meeting, the SNP will call for a full report on the shambolic launch of the bin-uplift timetables and seek important information about such issues as the scope of the failure to deliver extra bins and bio-degradable bags, the extent of tagging of residents bins for alleged impurities in bins, failure to empty bins on schedule and failure of the complaints phone hotline system.

During the local election campaign in April, the Labour leader in North Lanarkshire promised no change from fortnightly household food waste uplifts to three-weekly – then completely reversed this promise after the election. SNP councillors believe this was a cynical political U-turn which created the fiasco when new measures were announce after June.

The SNP had long called for a public consultation on proposals -but always been ignored. I hope other councillors will finally listen to SNP arguments on Friday.

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