Today HMRC has informed Cumbernauld staff that it wants to site its proposed new regional centre at a new build office at 1 Atlantic Square in Glasgow. It is scheduled to open in 2021. I have received a letter from the Chief Executive of HMRC that states that the previous timescale for closing the Cumbernauld Office – 2019/20 – is being reviewed “in light of the later opening date of the regional centre and we will update you after we have informed staff”.

Staff and the PCS union have been awaiting confirmation of the location for months creating uncertainty and anxiety for all concerned. I believe the whole “Building our Future project” to be utterly ill-conceived, and now completely unfit for purpose given the implications of Brexit which will require huge additional capacity within HMRC. Cumbernauld and its workforce have been badly treated by the UK government.

As MP for the site I will be meeting with the local trades union as soon as possible to discuss how the announcement will impact on my constituents and the community of Cumbernauld and Kilsyth. Working with the trades union we will consider all implications for HMRC jobs in the area.

But the campaign to retain a presence in Cumbernauld is not over.

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